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Stella Stevens is a writer- comedienne- producer- director- actor- star. She was voted number 27, as one of the sexiest women on the planet by Playboy.  Her new movies on DVD are POP STAR, GLASS TRAP, and HELL TO PAY.

Her first novel, RAZZLE DAZZLE, published by Tor/Forge Books, came out in July OF 1999. She co-authored the book with William Hegner. RAZZLE DAZZLE is a sexy romp through the dazzling decades of the sixties, seventies, and eighties. Stella thinks it would make a colorful and funny musical.

One of Stella’s early films was GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!  with Elvis Presley. Like Elvis, Stella was born in Mississippi, then lived in Memphis Tennessee. In her case it was Yazoo City, in the year of the tiger, October 1, 1938. She is the only child of Tom and Estelle Eggleston. The family left Yazoo City when she was four years old. Her schooling in Memphis, included a couple of years at Memphis State University, where she was noticed in the school play, BUS STOP. The Press Scimitar review of that performance in Memphis sparked her career.

Some of her latest credits include BLESSED starring James Purfoi and Heather Graham and STRIP MALL a comedy TV series with Julie Brown. Stella also appeared in a Western movie for SHOWTIME, with Richard Crenna called BY DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT.

In June of 2002 she sang and danced in the star-studded production of Stephen Sondheim's FOLLIES at the Wadsworth Theater in LA. She played Dee Dee West, a showgirl, and also Margie, the dream girl.

Stella has shown her talents in an endless display of work. Some of the recent highlights are: FLORA, owner of the LA Kings, in an episode of ARLI$$, The Highly acclaimed, THELMA in the CBS movie, IN COLD  BLOOD, and the title role of the woman who rose from the dead  in, THE GRANNY, a comedy-horror film.

She has starred in three films that are considered classics in their genres. First, the classic disaster movie, THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE, second, the classic comedy, THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, and third, the classic western, THE BALLAD OF CABLE HOGUE.

She played the zany PHYLLIS BLAKE, in SANTA BARBARA, and was NBC's first madam on a series, as LUTE MAE in FLAMINGO ROAD.

She has directed two films; THE AMERICAN HEROINE and THE RANCH.

Stella has two Quarter Horses, and passionately loves to ride the high desert country hills and canyons. She also plays tennis, shoots, skates, and skis.  She enjoys walking, camping, fishing, swimming, river-rafting, archery, and fencing. She likes to watch baseball, football, basketball, boxing, track and field events, and winter sports, especially ice skating. She loves to roller skate at the beach.

She was groomed for stardom by Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount, and then Columbia. At Paramount after LI'L ABNER, she did DEADLOCK, with Jeffrey Hunter and David Janssen, GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! with Elvis Presley, and TOO LATE BLUES with Bobby Darrin. Then a loan-out to MGM for ADVANCE TO THE REAR with Glenn Ford and THE COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER, with Glenn Ford and Ron Howard, and back to Paramount for THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, with Jerry Lewis.

At Columbia she did THE SILENCERS with Dean Martin, THE RAGE with Glenn Ford, SYNANON, with Edmond O'Brien and Alex Cord, HOW TO SAVE A MARRIAGE AND RUIN YOUR LIFE with Dean Martin, and WHERE ANGLES GO...TROUBLE FOLLOWS with Rosalind Russell.

Other films include CLEOPATRA JONES AND THE CASINO OF GOLD, with Tamara Dobson, THE MAD ROOM, with Shelley Winters, and THE LONGSHOT, with Tim Conway and Harvey Korman, and SLAUGHTER with James Brown.

Director Henry Hathaway said of her, "Stella Stevens was born to be in movies...and to drive men crazy!"


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